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I was able to follow it and read it. Congratulations on your new job! Are you still working at the church, too?


I like it! I want one now. I have to figure this out. That's awesome about the job at Quiltworks. Do you sew?

Pam Vega

Awesome and congrats on your new job. And thanks for working with our kids on the yearbook. Tyler really likes you and is excited about this year.


I am still working at the church. Still going to try to juggle it all,the yearbook, both jobs, kids. I think I may be slightly insane...
Yes, I do sew but it's been a while and I used to make quilts when my kids were younger but I'm beginning to want to take it up again. Actually, just wanting to create things for the home in general.


Thanks, Pam! I enjoy Tyler too! He's a good kid!


This is a really pretty layout! Cool blog! I can't wait to read more of your thoughts! :)


Great job! I love the layout!


Looks great Bridget. I'm so glad you found a part time job that you are passionate about. It's amazing how things work out with prayer and faith! Love ya!

Jan Davis

What a great idea to Blog. you are so high tech.

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